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Yes, Add Boss Up Babe Bundle (PDF Ebook)

It’s time to grow your business. STACK UP with the ultimate BO$$ UP BABE BUNDLE DEAL. Four workbooks to grow your business and lay the foundation for developing a thriving business. You'll get immediate access to these four books:

  • Recipe To Creating a Bangin' Brand - stand out in saturated markets and be the go-to business in your industry.
  • The Creativepreneur's Business Plan Workbook - secure funding and create a plan to build a sustainable business that will thrive in today's markets.
  • The Ultimate Workbook To Creating a Money Making Website - let your site work for your 24/7 365 to collect orders and increase customer awareness to increase conversions.
  •  Instagram Success For Entrepreneurs - learn how to use Instagram for business to increase followers, engagement, and most importantly - sales!

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Wholesale Vendors List - (PDF)

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Cosmetics, Eyelashes, Lingerie, Supplements & more! Affordable wholesale vendors for YOUR business!

This beginner Wholesale Vendor List is perfect if you want to start your own store. Whether you want to sell clothing, footwear, accessories, eyelashes, or start your own cosmetic line. This package also includes the manufacturers and distributors with similar styles you can find in popular apparel companies such as Miss Guided, Yaya and co, Zara, Voluptuous, as well as apparel that the "go-to" online shops are selling and more! The same styles and looks that all of your favorite social media influencers and stars are getting paid to wear!


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